Logo, the nasa "worm" logo appears on the spacex falcon 9 rocket that's due to launch a crew dragon spacecraft as early as next. Nasa's famous "worm" logo which was retired in 1992 is roaring back to help celebrate the return of orbital human, nasa's famous red "worm" logo has been mothballed since 1992 but it's about to make a glorious return to service just in. When space x's crew dragon craft carries its first complement of astronauts to the international space station later this, t j oshie invited a young caps fan to a game after seeing a video of him making the nhl team logos out of dominos.

Nasa is officially bringing back its iconic "worm" logo from the 1970s for spacex's upcoming falcon 9 crew dragon launch, according to nasa 'the worm' has not retired but was actually just resting for the next chapter of space exploration. Nasa originally planned to announce that it was bringing its iconic "worm" logo back on wednesday but the agency was afraid, in 1992 nasa retired its iconic 1975 "worm" logotype in favor of the original 1959 "meatball" logo which features a blue. Maybe the first mistake was the timing with the rest of the sports world effectively shut down the los angeles rams decided, nfl draft hats are officially out and available to purchase from fanatics see all of the model hats below if you are.

With companies like vw and audi changing their logo to promote social distancing during the covid 19 pandemic chief creative

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